Complete Discography


Beethoven, L. van. Sonata No. 8 in C minor “Pathétique”, Op.13. Perf. Ania Dorfman. Vinyl record. RCA Victor, Camden, N.J., 1954.

Collodi, Carlo. Pinocchio, adapted. Vinyl record and book. Peter Pan Records, Newark, N.J., 1981.

Conkling, Fleur. The Bingity-Bangity Bus. Narr. Soupy Sales. Vinyl record and book. Wonderland Records, 1966.

DeMura, Gigante. St’ammore. Perf. Gino di Procida. Orch, Tonino Esposito. Vinyl record. Vis Radio, Italy, 1963-66.

Little Dragon, Twice. Vinyl record. Off The Wall Records, Sweden, 2006.

Mack, Rebecca. The Fuzz. perf. Rebecca Mack on harp, rainstick. Flying Hen Studio, Burlington, V.T., 2004.

Mack, Rebecca. Lacrymosa, from Requiem. perf. Rebecca Mack. digital recording. Flying Hen Studio/ Synaestheatre, Burlington, V.T., 2011.

Meters, The;  Handclapping Song, from album Struttin’. Josie Records, New York, N.Y., 1970.

National Geographic Society. Guide to Bird Sounds. selected from Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, field recordings. Vinyl record. Eva-tone Soundsheets, Inc. 1983.

Neotropic, Magpies from album “White Rabbits”. Vinyl record. Mush Records, London, 2004.

Prudden, Bonnie. Keep Fit and Be Happy. Music by Otto Cesana. Vinyl record. Warner Bros./ Institute for Physical Fitness, Stockbridge, Mass., 1959.

Field Recordings/ Sound Effects (recorded by R. Mack):

1. Continuous Groove of Vinyl Record. rec. 2011. Burlington,VT, US.

2. Cookie Tin Music Box. rec. 2010. Burlington,VT. US.

3. Drill and Slide Projector. rec. 2011. Burlington,VT. US.

4. Kodak Instamatic, Shutter Release and Film Advance. rec. 2011. Chicagoland, IL. US.

5. Little Star. traditional. perf. Chaviv Mack Dev. rec. 2010. Burlington, VT. US.

6. Madras Streetscape. rec. 2011. Madras, Tamil Nadu. India.

7. Olympia Typewriter. rec. 2011. Burlington, VT. US.

8. Radio Song. field rec. of unknown song. rec. 2011. Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.

9. Reel to Reel, Fast Forward. rec. 2012. Nashville, TN. US.

10. Scratches. perf. DJ Mothertrucker a.k.a. R. Mack. rec. 2012. Burlington, VT. US.

11. Sicialian Busker. field rec. of unknown performer and composition. rec. 2005. Via Maqueda, Palermo, Sicily. Italy.

12. Vocals. Chaviv and Kathir Mack Dev. rec. 2011. Burlington,VT. US.

13. Wooden Loop. Mack’s Homemade Sound Effects #1. Created with analog rec. equip. 2010. Burlington, VT. US.