RECORDS is an audio/visual essay on impermanence and archiving, in the form of a 24-page, full color, artist’s book and a 7″ vinyl companion record.  RECORDS will be released from Flying Hen Studio in June 22, 2012.

Release Party: 7pm, June 22, Pure Pop Records, Burlington, VT.

The form is borrowed from the read-along-record stories enjoyed by the children of the late 1970’s and 1980’s. I chose this form for its analog integration of audio and visual information and because of its concurrence with the birth of HipHop culture. The soundtrack is composed in the spirit of the HipHop mixtape, using traditional sampling methods with vinyl records, as well as archivist field recordings, to create a textural and rhythmic listening experience.

I am Rebecca Mack of Flying Hen Studio. Flying Hen Studio is a soundlab and stitcherie in the Old North End neighborhood of Burlington, VT, USA.  I am an artist and a DJ, working in photography, mixed media, and turntablism.  I see them as complimentary practices: photographs are visual “samples”; collages are “mixtapes”.  I borrowed the form of the Read-Along-Record to make explicit these connections.


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